At Neer Family Inspections, we perform all of our inspections based upon the requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission.  We will do our job thoroughly and with our customers well being in mind.  We do our inspections with some of the latest technology to make for the most accurate reporting.  Some of these items are:


Digital Floor Level > We use our leveler to enhance the foundation inspection process and help supplement what that part of the inspection is telling us.


Infrared Imaging > We are able to notice things with the IR camera that might not be caught with the naked eye.  This helps to give our client more data about the home and its condition.


Supra Key > We can use our supra key to have access to the home which means we don't have to burden our agents to come let us in.  Makes the inspection process more efficient for all parties involved.


Advanced Inspection Software > We use some of the latest software available to streamline the inspection process.  We are able to give our clients a complete inspection in a short window of time so the transaction can carry on smoothly.


Reasonably Priced >  We offer great service and great prices.  Call or email today for a price quote.


Not only do we offer these great features for those buying or selling, but for those homeowners who might want to see how their home is performing after years of use.  Or maybe you have a new home and want it checked out for warranty purposes.  NFI can do all of that too!  And finally, perhaps you've called a contractor for a repair and they've come to you delivering the worst news possible! You can call us for a 3rd party, independent assessment to see if you're being dealt with honestly.


Thank you for considering NFI for all of your home inspection needs!

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